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How Do I Franchise My Business

Every day we receive calls from business owners who think they are ready to franchise their business. We agree franchising is a great expansion plan, but if you have never franchised a business, worked in the franchise industry, or spoken with someone in the industry, you will have a steep learning curve.

No worries, Peaks Franchise Consulting, and our partners have your back.  We will start with a conversation to learn more about your business and ask some specific questions about your current processes and procedures. If your business happens to be local to us in the DFW area, we’ll make the drive to see your business in action. Just like our consulting services, the first step is completely free.

If you truly have a business that seems to be “franchisable” we will introduce you to one of our trusted partners who will explain everything they will do to aid in making your franchise transition successful. This includes the necessary franchise legal experience, business and operations experience, franchise experience, and franchise sales and marketing experience to take you through each phase of the franchise process.

Some things to consider before you start down this path:

  • Have you ever read a Franchise Disclosure Document? If not find one and skim over the information!
  • Do you have your current operations/process written down? If it’s all in your head, you should start putting some of it down on paper.
  • Is your current business profitable? Keep in mind, that most prospective franchise owners want to make money as quickly as possible!
  • Are you prepared for the cost? Starting a successful franchise system will take a lot of hard work, dedication, and access to capital.
  • Is your business unique? If there are dozens of businesses that do what you do, what sets you apart and would make someone want to buy your franchise?

These are just a couple of items that will need to be addressed and hammered out to start a successful franchise. If you have the same level of drive and willpower that allowed you to be this successful in business, you have a good chance of turning your business into the next big thing!

Give us a call or fill out the contact form and let’s have a conversation!



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